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Bike Finance

DBS Finance has a team of brokers that are enthusiastic and love to ride motorbikes so we understand the needs of motorbike riders. We provide you with several options including secured or unsecured bike finance at the lowest interest rate we can source you from one of our many motorbike specific lenders.

A secured motorbike loan will almost always get you a cheaper interest rate and we can assist all types of applicants whether you have good or bad credit.

Contrary to what most brokers may publish but like all leisure finance it is always required to have a deposit which will improve your approval chances and potentially give you more options if a deposit is made available.

In most loans you can make additional repayments to reduce the overall interest and potentially work towards paying out the bike early whether you want to own it outright or may want to trade it in and upgrade.

You can get an unsecured bike loan which is normally called a personal loan which doesn’t require the lender to always take security over the bike. These types of loans however may cost more and have a higher interest rate so it’s more common to look at a secured bike loan as first type of loan to apply for.

Responsible lending criteria applies – “DBS Finance & Insurance” recognises the importance of responsible lending, as prescribed in the
“National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009″

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