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Are you looking to finance your classic, import or muscle car? We saw some time ago the niche of lending to customers who wish to purchase these types of cars. We have a range of products that including products that have no restriction on the type or age of the car.

We can also assist you whether you are an employee or self- employed.

There are various vehicle types that are considered including:

  1. Vintage Cars
  2. Classic Cars
  3. Unique Cars
  4. Muscle Cars
  5. Restored Cars
  6. Import cars

Are you looking for finance for an Import?

We have a range of car finance options designed for grey imports with no age restrictions to suit the buyer who wants to drive something different to the rest of the crowd.

Here is a list of some of the Import cars that can be financed.

Responsible lending criteria applies – “Future Finance & Insurance” recognises the importance of responsible lending, as prescribed in the “National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009″