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Equipment Loans

DBS Finance & Insurance has been helping Clients all over Australia save money and find the right equipment loan or business finance product to suit their requirements.

We have an extensive range of products to suit all types of business needs whether you are an established business or a new venture looking to set up but have limited resources. We also have some Low Doc Equipment Rental options designed for those who may only need the equipment for a short term and may want to either exit or upgrade without being penalized.

Other products we have access to include long term standard Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase or Equipment rental sometimes known as Operating Lease.

We also have an extensive range of Cash Flow Finance options

The following list represents the type of equipment we can finance:

  • Construction, Civil & Mining Equipment

  • Drilling & Boring Equipment

  • Excavation Equipment

  • Concrete Pumping

  • Packaging Equipment

  • Technology Equipment including IT Systems, Telecommunication & Software

  • Aircraft & Helicopters

  • Commercial Marine

  • Gym Equipment

  • Franchise Equipment Leasing

  • Transport including Trucks & Vans

and much more..

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