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Cash Flow Finance

We have a range of products and solutions to help your business grow. Cashflow finance can also be known as Debtor Finance or even Trade Finance but basically can be an Unsecured Loan that is based on your business turnover.

Debtor Finance which is also known as Invoice factoring can stream line your business. Its mostly used to provide a more regular cashflow to take the pain of running your business especially if you have log account terms with your customers.

How does it work?
Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this and improves cash flow through payment of your invoices out before they are paid by the customer. Here is an example: You invoice a customer who may have 30 day terms with you and may drag out to 45 days. You simply submit the invoice and drawn down on the facility and wait for the invoice to be paid by the client.

Debtor finance enables the business quick access to the cash in advance against a percentage your cash receivables.

Many businesses use these types of facilities to support their tax payments and other important business expenses such as weekly salary payments and other similar regular expenses.

Lack of funds for many growing businesses can make the business extremely frustrated but with cashflow funding you can support your entrepreneurial ambitions.

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