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DBS Finance & insurance have a team of business finance experts with extensive experience in sourcing the right type of business finance solutions to suit your business needs.

We have a range of secured and unsecured loan options from equipment finance to cash flow lending products to support your growth and support your business to success.

We have a range of difference finance options we can assist you with including:

In most cases we will require the following information to be available when you are applying for any type of commercial finance or business loan.

1. Completed full application including Assets & Liabilities
2. Veda search of the directors
3. Larger lends require an equipment schedule
4. New businesses- forecasts prepared by the accountant
5. Preferably 2 years of financials however drafts may be sufficient to initially assess the deal.
6. Details regarding the equipment you wish to purchase

These are just of the requests we or a lender will ask you to complete prior to submission.

We do have low doc loans available if required however many of these loans can have higher interest rates.

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